Jorge Maia

Lisboa, Portugal


I started photograph in the analog age, but with the arisen of the digital era and its constant evolution,
it was easy to render myself to its charms.
I like to see the world as through a children's eye, where everything is new, beautiful, mysterious and have
some king of special magic and let myself captured by the beauty of this planet, a passion that i try to transmit
through my photography, expressing my feelings and beliefs in every shot.
There are senarios and situations that we liked to perpetuate in space and time, the photography works like a
round-trip ticket, each frame has the ability to enclose sensations captured on lived experiences and
immotalizes them into film.
Feel a need to be in constant evolution in my work, experimenting new tecniques, metods, approaches and
never giving up on wanting to learn.
When i'm photographing, it's like time stold still, i'm in another world, another reality...

Facebook: JorgeMaia.Photographer


Where Silence is Perpetual


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Shadows of the Night


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